Utopia Retreats

Utopia Retreats is a company that caters to different people from all walks of life. The one thing in common is the love for travel and learning. Combining two of our favourite things we design monthly retreats so you can explore the world with like minded people and discover yourself on the journey. So create lifelong memories with Utopia Retreats and apply for our upcoming retreats now!

Upcoming Retreats

All Girls Retreat

Phuket, Thailand

December 2021


Past Retreats

All Girls Retreat

Female Only

Dubai & Ras Al Khaimah

October 2021


Content Creators Retreat

Male and Female


October 2020


Female Content Creators Retreat

Females only


Oct-Nov 2020


Influencers Retreat

Females only


February 2020


Couples Retreat

Couples only


November 2020


Influencers Retreat

Females only


November 2019



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